Hello! I'm Jay

I'm a full-stack software engineer based in Brooklyn, NY with extensive experience in both JavaScript and Ruby, and I'm also proficient in TypeScript and Go.

I am an engineer with strong business context and high customer empathy, having worked on the business side of several tech startups in the areas of e-commerce, predictive analytics, and performance marketing. I have partnered with industry-leading clients and learned from very talented product and engineering leaders.

Most recently, I created Arbiter, an open-source, cloud-native framework that seamlessly integrates video conferencing into existing web applications

Resume Arbiter Overview

Arbiter is an open-source, serverless realtime conferencing framework that automates deployment to AWS that enabled developers to integrate room-based video conferencing into their applications in minutes. Arbiter features a CLI that deploys all necessary infastructure to AWS within minutes, as well as a React SDK for one-line, simple integration into an existing Application.

  • Single command AWS deployment
  • Scalable serverless architecture
  • Seamless React integration
  • Multiple-room and custom URL support

Arbiter is powered by a robust AWS infrastructure including ECS Clusters hosted on Fargate, as well as API and WebSocket Gateways with Lambda function Integrations.

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Other Projects


A Request-Bin like collection tool for receiving, viewing, and debugging webhooks.

Node.js/Express, MongoDB, React, Webhooks, Digital Ocean Droplet, Nginx


A todo list application for managing multiple lists.

Ruby, Sinatra, RESTful API, erb, PSQL, jquery, html, and css.

Let's Connect!

I am looking for my next opportunity! Please get in touch if you think I'd be a good fit for your team.